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Anatomy & Neurobiology Seminars

Tuesdays at 12:00 p.m. - Room 928 McDonnell Science

Spring 2012  


  10 Larry Snyder (WashU, Anatomy & Neurobiology) When methods collide: Unit recording, functional imaging and reversible lesions
  17 Adish Dani (WashU, Pathology) Beyond puncta: Resolving synapse molecular architecture and plasticity with fluorescence nanoscopy
  24 Ralf Wessel (WashU, Physics) Circuit mechanisms of distributed processing in primary visual cortex
  31 Joe Dougherty (WashU, Genetics) Techniques for deconstructing cellular complexity for disorders of the nervous system & applications to narcolepsy


  7 Andrew Yoo (WashU, Developmental Biology) MicroRNA-Mediated Direct Reprogramming of Human Dermal Fibroblasts to Neurons
  14 Jane Phillips-Conroy  (WashU, Anatomy & Neurobiology) Ex Africa Semper Aliquid Novi (there is always something new in Africa)
  21 Wim Vanduffel (Harvard Medical School) Dopaminergic reward signals in visual cortex of monkeys
  28 Mark Voigt (St. Louis University) Zebrafish shed light on cranial sensory circuit formation


  6 Nancy Baenziger (WashU, Anatomy & Neurobiology) Rhinestone Cowboy on the New Frontier: Human Cellular Models for Alzheimer's Disease
  13 Maria Donoghue (Georgetown University)My Path from Wash U: Deciphering the Molecular Basis of Cerebral Cortical Development and Fashioning a Scholarly Life
  20 Ken McCarthy (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) Astrocytic GPCRs: Little Evidence for Stimulating Gliotransmitter Release but Strong Evidence for Modulating Physiology and Behavior
  27 Valina Dawson (Johns Hopkins University)Parthanatos Signaling in Stroke and Parkinson's Disease


  3 Michael Bruchas (WashU, Anesthesiology) Dissecting the Function of the Dynorphin - Kappa Opioid System
  17 Paul Bridgman (WashU, Anatomy & Neurobiology) Act II: Nonmuscle myosin II retakes the stage as a central player in endocytosis and synaptic vesicle recycling
  24 Tim Jegla (Penn State University) The evolution of K+ channel signaling systems


  1 Colin Nichols (WashU, Developmental Biology) Connecting metabolism to electrical activity: K-ATP channels from molecules to brains
  8 Daeyeol Lee (Yale University) Neural basis of mental simulation and decision making

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