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The Mildred Trotter Lecture

The Washington University Medical School Alumni Association has honored Mildred Trotter, Ph.D., a member of the faculty for more than 55 years, by endowing a lectureship in her name. Dr. Trotter, Professor Emeritus and Lecturer in Anatomy since 1967, was the first woman faculty member to be recognized in this way. To acknowledge her deep concern for the role of women in academic life, the lectureship is used to bring a distinguished woman scientist to the University every year. Dr. Trotter contributed much of what is known today about the influence of age, sex and race on variation in human skeletal mass. Herformulas for estimating stature from long limb bone lengths still are used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and in forensic medicine, and nutritionists have profited from her research on developmental variation in the mineral content of bone. Her earlier work focused on factors influencing hair growth.


Dr. Trotter's engagement with science continued after her retirement. She served as Convener of the Subcommittee on Osteology for the International Anatomical Nomenclature Committee and cochaired a session on "Human Evolution: The Skeletal Dimension" at the Taung Diamond Jubilee International Symposium in South Africa to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the first australopithecine fossil. It was at this meeting that she suffered a debilitating stroke. Dr. Trotter passed away on August 23, 1991.

Past Trotter Speakers

October 27, 2012 Dr. Silvia Arber
Sepember 16, 2010 Dr. Cori Bargmann
March 19, 2009 Dr. Ann Graybiel
December 13, 2007 Dr. Eve Marder
November 2, 2006 Dr. Paula Tallal
November 3, 2005 Dr. Gwen Jacobs

April 6, 2004

Dr. Susan Lindquist

October 17, 2002

Dr. Linda Buck

October 18, 2001

Dr. Leslie Ungerleider

February 10, 2000

Dr. Janet Rossant

September 10, 1998

Dr. Ursula Bellugi

November 13, 1997

Dr. Mary Bartlett Bunge

November 7, 1996

Dr. Jane E. Buikstra

October 12, 1995

Dr. Helen Blau

May 12, 1994

Dr. Anne Young

April 15, 1993

Dr. Mary Lou Oster-Granite

October 7, 1991

Dr. Carla J. Shatz

April 19, 1990

Dr. Nancy Wexler

March 16, 1989

Dr. Lily Yeh Jan

April 22, 1988

Dr. Lee N. Robins

May 21, 1987

Dr. Lynn Landmesser

February 27, 1986

Dr. Zena Werb

February 21, 1985

Dr. Dorothea Bennett

October 4, 1984

Dr. Dorothy T. Krieger

December 2, 1982

Dr. Marian Koshland

March 23, 1982

Dr. Mary D. Leakey

September 24, 1981

Dr. Marilyn Gist Farquhar

May 8, 1980

Dr. Elizabeth D. Hay

February 8, 1979

Dr. Elizabeth E. Neufeld

November 1, 1977

Dr. Rosalyn S. Yalow

December 8, 1976

Dr. Beatrice Mintz

December 4, 1975

Dr. Mary E. Avery


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