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Henry Roediger, Ph.D.

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My research is concerned with learning and memory in human adults. Programs of research include study of memory illusions and the development of false memories, priming on implicit memory tests and the relation to explicit memory, effects of repeatedly testing memory; and effectiveness of retrieval cues in accessing seemingly forgotten information.

Research Publications

Roediger HL 3rd, Geraci L (2007 Mar). Aging and the misinformation effect: a neuropsychological analysis. J Exp Psychol Learn Mem Cogn. 33 (2): 321-34. Full Article >

Roediger, H.L. & McDaniel, M.A. (2007). Illusory recollections in older adults: Testing Mark Twain’s conjecture. In M. Garry & H. Hayne (Eds.), Do justice and let the sky fall: Elizabeth F. Loftus and her contributions to science, law, and academic freedom.(pp. 105-136). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.

Marsh EJ, Balota DA, Roediger HL 3rd (2005 Jan). Learning facts from fiction: effects of healthy aging and early-stage dementia of the Alzheimer type. Neuropsychology. 19 (1): 115-29. Full Article >

Butler KM, McDaniel MA, Dornburg CC, Price AL, Roediger HL 3rd (2004 Oct). Age differences in veridical and false recall are not inevi: the role of frontal lobe function. Psychon Bull Rev. 11 (5): 921-5. Full Article >

Roediger HL 3rd, McDermott KB, Pisoni DB, Gallo DA (2004 Sep). Illusory recollection of voices. Memory. 12 (5): 586-602. Full Article >

Marsh EJ, McDermott KB, Roediger HL 3rd (2004 Jan). Does test-induced priming play a role in the creation of false memories? Memory. 12 (1): 44-55. Full Article >

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Henry Roediger, Ph.D.
Office Location: 235C Psychology Bldg.
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Lab Phone: 314-935-8731
Campus Box: 1125
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