Electrophysiologist Postdoctoral Research Associate or Senior Scientist (Richards Lab)


We are seeking a collaborative individual with experience in in vivo electrophysiological brain recordings such as local field potentials, multielectrode arrays, and/or in vivo single unit recordings and the analysis of this data. You will join a dynamic, interdisciplinary team of scientists working across different levels of analysis with an overall goal to understand how circuits develop and mediate behavior. 

This project will investigate the formation of patterned activity throughout development and into adulthood in a new animal model, the marsupial fat-tailed dunnart. The dunnart has significant advantages for such studies as their pups are born into the pouch at an early stage and are therefore accessible for observation.

WashU Neuroscience is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 places worldwide for neuroscience research and offers an outstanding interdisciplinary training environment for early career researchers. In addition to high-quality research facilities, career and professional development training for postdoctoral researchers is provided through the Career Center, Teaching Center, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, and campus groups.  Additional information on being a postdoc at Washington University in St. Louis can be found at postdoc.wustl.edu/prospective-postdocs.

Primary duties and responsibilities

The fellow will train under the supervision of a faculty mentor including (but not limited to):

  1. Managing their own project, which should lead to a first author publication.
  2. Develop expertise in brain connectivity underlying cognitive processes such as decision making, social intelligence, persuadability and memory.
  3. Develop proficiency in career skills, including writing, public speaking, networking, and critical evaluation of scientific literature.
  4. Present scientific work both internal and external to the University with excellent oral communication skills.
  5. Assist with grant preparation and reporting.
  6. Prepare and submit papers on research with excellent writing skills.
  7. Design research experiments.
  8. Evaluate research findings and report results.
  9. Conscientiously discharge his/her research responsibilities.
  10. Maintain conformity with ethical standards in research.
  11. Maintain compliance with good laboratory practice including the maintenance of adequate research records.
  12. Engage in open and timely discussion with his/her mentor regarding possession or distribution of material, reagents, or records belonging to their laboratory and any proposed disclosure of findings or techniques privately or in publications.
  13. Conduct themselves in a collegial manner towards co-trainees, staff members and members of the research group.
  14. Adhere to all applicable University policies, procedures and regulations.  All data, research records and materials and other intellectual property generated in University laboratories remain the property of the University.

Minimum education & experience

The appointee will have earned a Ph.D. by the time of starting the appointment.

Applicants should submit their CV and a cover letter explaining their background and interest in the position to Professor Linda Richards (email: linda.richards@wustl.edu).

Job ID JR68635