James Fitzpatrick, PhD

Scientific Director, Washington University Center for Cellular Imaging, Professor of Neuroscience & Cell Biology & Physiology

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Dr. Fitzpatrick’s primary research interests lie in the integration and application of multi-scale optical and charged particle imaging technologies — specifically, biological applications of ion microscopy, development of correlative 3D light and electron microscopy approaches, and new computational tools to visualize and manipulate large-scale multi-dimensional datasets.

Selected publications

  • Wong NR, Mohan J, Kopecky BJ, Guo S, Du L, Leid J, Feng G, Lokshina I, Dmytrenko O, Luehmann H, Bajpai G, Ewald L, Bell L, Patel N, Bredemeyer A, Weinheimer CJ, Nigro JM, Kovacs A, Morimoto S, Bayguinov PO, Fisher MR, Stump WT, Greenberg M, Fitzpatrick JAJ, Epelman S, Kreisel D, Sah R, Liu Y, Hu H, Lavine KJ. Resident cardiac macrophages mediate adaptive myocardial remodeling. Immunity. July 21, 2021; S1074-7613(21)00289-2.
  • Radyk MD, Spatz LB, Peña BL, Brown JW, Burclaff J, Cho CJ, Kefalov Y, Shih CC, Fitzpatrick JA, Mills JC. ATF3 induces RAB7 to govern autodegradation in paligenosis, a conserved cell plasticity program. EMBO Reports. July 26, 2021; e51806.
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  • Zarei A, Ballard A, Cox L, Bayguinov P, Harris T, Davis JL, Roper P, Fitzpatrick J, Faccio R, Veis DJ. Osteolineage depletion of mitofusin2 enhances cortical bone formation in female mice. Bone. July, 2021; 148:115941.
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  • Pandey KK, Bera S, Shi K, Rau MJ, Oleru AV, Fitzpatrick JAJ, Engelman AN, Aihara H, Grandgenett DP. Cryo-EM structure of the Rous sarcoma virus octameric cleaved synaptic complex intasome. Communications Biology. March 12, 2021; 4:330.
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  • Shih CC, Oakley DM, Joens MS, Roth RA, Fitzpatrick JAJ. Non-linear optical imaging of extracellular matrix proteins. Methods in Cell Biology. 2018; 143:57-78.


1997-2000, B.Sc. in Chemistry, King’s College London, UK

2000-2003, PhD in Optical Physics, Laser Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group, University of Bristol, UK

2003-2004, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2004-2006, NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University, PA USA

Selected honors

2021 – 2022, Chair, WUSM Executive Committee of the Faculty Council (ECFC)

2021 – present, Chair, Corporate Partners Working Group, Bio-Imaging North America (BINA)

2021 – present, Biological Symposium Organizer, Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting

2020 – present, Biological Symposium Organizer, Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting

2020 – present, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Imaging Scientist

2020 – 2021, Vice-Chair, WUSM Executive Committee of the Faculty Council (ECFC)

2020 – present, Associate Editor, FASEB Bioadvances

2020 – present, Biological Sciences Director, Microscopy Society of America

2019 – present, Biological Symposium Organizer, Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting

2019 – 2020, Vice-Chair elect, WUSM Executive Committee of the Faculty Council 

2018 – present, Member, WUSM Executive Committee of the Faculty Council (ECFC)

2017 – present, Biological Symposium Organizer, Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting

2013 Editor, ChemPhysChem Special Issue – Super-resolution Imaging and Nanophotonics

2011 – present, Associate Review Editor, Frontiers in Genomic Assay Technology

2009 Long-term quantum dot research featured in Chemical & Engineering News

2008 Cholera-toxin-B quantum dot research featured in Nature Nanotechnology

2008 FAP imaging technology featured in Nature Biotechnology

2002 Institute of Physics Research Travel Award

2001 and 2002 ICI “Excellence in Graduate Research” prize University of Bristol