The Department of Neuroscience features a concentration of researchers studying a variety of model systems, from worms to humans, all dedicated to understanding basic mechanisms of brain development and function.  With a long, rich history beginning with our roots as the Department of Anatomy, we were one of the first departments at the School of Medicine.  The Department has twin missions of Research and Education as described in other sections of the site.

The Research work of the Department happens within the context of a larger, neuroscience community at Washington University, which is both vibrant and highly interactive.  Spanning basic and clinical groups, the community extends to numerous Departments and Centers across the School’s two main locations, the Danforth and Medical School campuses.  Washington University in St Louis was recently ranked no. 9 among the world’s premiere academic institutions for training in neuroscience by U.S. News & World Report. 

In 2023 the department will move to a new building dedicated solely to neuroscience research. This new Neuroscience Research Building, which is currently under construction, will serve as the campus hub for neuroscience research, housing more than 100 labs from five departments.

The future Neuroscience Research Building

A collaborative community

With over 40 joint faculty members, we value and promote collaboration throughout the university, with the goal of better understanding the brain as a whole. We support a culture of open science and collaboration, while also providing outstanding research facilities for members of the School of Medicine and the entire university.

Learn more about some of our many collaborators and available shared facilities.

Dedicated educators

We have a strong dedication to medical education in the fields of human anatomy, embryology and the nervous system. We are also committed to training the next generation of neuroscientists. Our department trains all of the School of Medicine’s MD and MD/PhD students in human anatomy. We also support postdocs and undergraduate students and contribute the the MD program’s recently revised Gateway Curriculum.

Committed to diversity & inclusion

Our department is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, core values shared by the School of Medicine and the entire university.

Join us

Our department is located in St. Louis, an affordable city for innovators, entrepreneurs, foodies and families. Interested in joining us? Learn about career and graduate rotation opportunities within the department.