Here is a list of helpful numbers.


Building Services (Plant Maintenance, Box 8080)314-362-3100
Employee Health (Box 8030) Room 3420 East Building314-362-3528
Housekeeping (Custodial Services, Box 8079)314-362-3563
Post Office (Medical School, Box 8000)314-362-1091
Medical Bookstore (Box 8085)314-286-0045
Medical Library (Box 8132)314-362-7080
Receiving (Medical School, Box 8079)314-362-3093
Security (Barnes-Jewish Hospital)314-362-0750
Security (Medical School, Box 8207)314-362-4357
Telecommunications (Box 8120)314-362-2888
Transportation Services (Box 8205)314-362-6824

Business Office – Department – 915 McD

General Business Office Inquiries:

Body Donation Program

Dissection Suite314-362-3620
Fax 314-747-8886
Loesche, Daniel314-362-5999,
Zwyer, Ryan 314-362-3597,


Markov, Marin – 915

East McDonnell

E. McDonnell Entrance, 1st Floor Lobby314-747-6524
Fax Machine, 2nd Floor Lobby314-747-4370

Graduate education

Graduate Office (Box 8226)314-362-3365
Sally Vogt, Graduate Program Administrator314-362-7189
MSTP Program314-747-6787


Josh Stewart, 915 McDonnell Sciences Building314-362-3534

Departmental fax machines

East McDonnell314-747-4370
475 McDonnell 314-747-1150
820 McDonnell 314-362-7813
906 McDonnell314-747-1396
915 McDonnell 314-362-3446
Donor Program314-747-8886

Machine shop

Kevin Poenicke314-362-6186


Animal Studies (Box 8025)314-362-3229
Division of Comparative Medicine (Box 8061)314-362-3700
Environmental Safety (Box 8229)314-362-6816
Human Studies (Box 8089)314-362-3244
Protein Sequencing Lab (Box 8103)314-362-3366
Radiation Safety (Box 8053)314-362-3476

Transgenic facility (Mouse Genetics Core)

Wallace, Mia (Room 405) 4th floor E. McDonnell314-747-4554
6th floor E. McDonnell314-747-3418