Postdoctoral Research Associate / Senior Scientist / Staff Scientist / Sr. Research Technician (Cavalli Lab)


The laboratory of Dr. Valeria Cavalli is seeking passionate scientists to join their team and contribute to our NIH-funded research projects on the multicellular mechanisms promoting axon regeneration in mouse and human models.

The project will include but is not limited to establishing the spatial single-cell landscape of human dorsal root ganglia, by combining single nucleus RNAseq and single nucleus ATAC-seq (snMultiome) with Imaging Mass Cytometry. While sensory neurons represent the critical component in the transmission of pain and other sensory stimuli, their activity is modulated by their environment, including immune cells and satellite glial cells. Surprisingly little cellular and molecular information is available for the human dorsal root ganglia. The person leading this project will thus contribute to accelerate translational research through the characterization of neuronal and non-neuronal cells within human tissue.

Interested candidates should email Dr. Cavalli: