Miguel Barretto-Garcia, PhD

Miguel Barretto-Garcia, PhD

Postdoctoral research associate

Padoa-Schioppa Lab


2022 Postdoctoral Researcher, Zurich Center for Neuroeconomics, University of Zurich

2021 PhD in Neuroeconomics, University of Zürich, Switzerland 

2014 M.Res in Behaviour and Cognition, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

2013 M.Sc in Economics and Finance, Barcelona School of Economics and Universitat Pompeu Fabra

2009 BA in Economics and Statistics, University of San Carlos, Philippines

Research interests:

Keywords: neuroeconomics and decision neuroscience, computational modelling, behavioural economics

I am interested in understanding the neural mechanisms that underlie economic choice across various contexts, including the intersections between perceptual and value-based decision-making, decision-making under uncertainty, multi-alternative choices, reference-dependent behaviour, and effort-based decisions. I am an economist by training, but my curiosity as to how brain mechanisms govern economic choice has led me to my current research in neuroeconomics.


  • Barretto-García M, de Hollander G, Grueschow M, Polanía R, Woodford M, Ruff CC. Individual risk attitudes arise from noise in neurocognitive magnitude representations. bioRxiv. 2022; doi: 10.1101/2022.08.22.504413.
  • Barretto-García M, Grueschow M, Moisa M, Polanía R, Ruff CC. Causal evidence of a domain-specific role of left superior frontal sulcus in human perceptual decision-making. bioRxiv. 2021; doi: 10.1101/2021.10.04.462977.

Personal interests

I also write poetry and perform spoken word and in poetry slams. My poems have been published in Poetry Northwest, Wildness, RHINO Poetry, Palette Poetry, Rattle, Magma Poetry, among others. My manuscripts were finalists of the 2021 and 2022 Gaudy Boy Poetry Book Prize. I am currently poetry reader for Adroit Journal.

I am also passionate about science communication. I have participated and competed in science slams during my PhD and postdoc in Zurich.