Vikram Simhambhatla

Vikram Simhambhatla

Undergraduate researcher

Shaw Lab


Washington University in St. Louis, 2025

Research interests

Analyzing temperature and olfactory preference in Drosophila to uncover molecular mechanisms associated with diseases like Alzheimer’s


Roach ST, Ford MC, Simhambhatla V, Loutrianakis V, Farah H, Li Z, Periandri EM, Abdalla D, Huang I, Kalra A, Shaw PJ. Sleep deprivation, sleep fragmentation, and social jet lag increase temperature preference in DrosophilaFront Neurosci. 17:1175478. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2023.1175478. eCollection 2023.

Personal interests

I love watching football and basketball (proud 49ers and Warriors fan!), baking, and going to the beach with my friends and family.