2023 INSPIRE Symposium

INSPIRE is a prestigious symposium sponsored by the Department of Neuroscience at Washington University School of Medicine devoted to advancing research excellence in the early stages of a scientist’s career. Senior graduate students are brought to St. Louis to present their thesis work and expand their scientific network at WashU.

The 2023 INSPIRE Symposium was held on May 8.

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Maria Ahmad

Maria Ahmed
Advisor: Eleanor “Josie” Clowney, PhD, University of Michigan
Hacking development to test models of sensory coding

Priscilla Ambrosi

Priscilla Ambrosi
Advisor: Talia N. Lerner, PhD, Northwestern University
Striatonigrostriatal circuits for disinhibition of dopamine signaling: New evidence challenges habit formation mechanism

David Brann

David Brann
Advisor: Sandeep R. Datta, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School
A transcriptional rheostat couples past activity to future sensory responses

Salwan Butrus

Salwan Butrus
Advisor: Karthik Shekhar, PhD, UC Berkeley
Vision-dependent specification of cell types and function in the developing cortex

Alex Chen

Alex Chen
Advisors: Florian Engert, PhD, Harvard University, and Misha Ahrens, PhD, HHMI Janelia Research Campus
Astrocyte-neuron interactions mediating behavioral state transition and fast antidepressant action

Nghia Nguyen

Nghia Nguyen
Advisor: Mark Andermann, PhD, Harvard University
Cortical reactivations predict future sensory responses

Julie Ouellette

Julie Ouellette
Advisor: Baptiste Lacoste, PhD, University of Ottawa
Metabolic defects in 16p11.2-deficient mouse brain endothelial cells

I-Hao Wang

I-Hao Wang
Advisor: Paul Greer, PhD, University of Massachusetts
Spatial transcriptomic reconstruction of the mouse olfactory glomerular map suggests principles of odor processing

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