A mouse dorsal root ganglion immunostained for F-actin (phalloidin in cyan) and nuclei (DAPI in red).
Rui Feng, PhD

Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Seminars by PhD students to Incentivize Research Exchange

INSPIRE is a prestigious symposium sponsored by the Department of Neuroscience at Washington University School of Medicine devoted to advancing research excellence in the early stages of a scientist’s career. Senior graduate students are brought to St. Louis to present their thesis work and expand their scientific network at WashU. INSPIRE participants engage with researchers at Washington University over two days in person, including:

The 2023 INSPIRE Symposium will take place in the last week of April 2023 at Washington University School of Medicine. This year’s applicants should have an expected graduation date of 2023 or 2024.

Being selected as an INSPIRE speaker is an exciting opportunity for graduate students to share their research with the Washington University neuroscience community, to receive feedback, to explore postdoctoral opportunities, and to form professional and intellectual relationships with peers, mentors and future collaborators. We at Washington University benefit from learning about inspiring research done by talented young scientists from around the world. The Department of Neuroscience covers the costs of travel and accommodation.

To apply, complete this form, including a brief description of your research interests (200 words max) and proposed title and abstract (200 words max) for your INSPIRE seminar. Additionally, upload your CV in PDF format here.

Applications are due October 31st 2022.

Questions? Please email neuroscience-inspireqs@wustl.edu.

2021-2022 INSPIRE speaker series

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