Linda J. Richards AO, FAA, FAHMS, PhD

Chair, Department of Neuroscience
Edison Professor of Neuroscience

The Department of Neuroscience is renowned for its excellence in medical and graduate education, and as a powerhouse with outstanding research leadership, innovative thinking and superb mentorship of trainees. Understanding the brain is one of the greatest scientific challenges of our time.

We have more than 30 faculty investigators and an additional 40 affiliated faculty focused on neuroscience research. These investigators support more than 80 trainees, including postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students.

Our alumni have gone on to gain prominence in academia, industry and medicine. Browse the alumni directory to see where they are now »

Profiles of Department members

Neuroscience philosopher: A profile of David Kaplan, PhD

Neuroscience philosopher: A profile of David Kaplan, PhD

The cognitive neuroscientist at Macquarie University got his first wet lab experience as a postdoc at WashU, and now addresses those same questions about hand-eye coordination and sensory-motor integration in his research on surgeons’ skills.

The department also benefits from a dedicated team of administrative and research staff.