Terry Ritzman, PhD

Assistant Professor of Anatomy in Neuroscience


Dr. Ritzman is a biological anthropologist interested in the comparative anatomy of the skull in primates as it relates to human evolution. His research employs the comparative method and direct studies of fossil hominins to make inferences regarding the evolutionary processes that operated during the course of human evolution, as well as the patterns, documented by the fossil record, that were produced by these processes.

Selected publications

  • R. Ackermann, M. Arnold, M. Baiz, J. Cahill, L. Cortés-Ortiz, B. Evans, B. Grant, P. Grant, B. Hallgrímsson, R. Humphreys, C. Jolly, J. Malukiewicz, C. Percival, T. Ritzman, C. Roos, C. Roseman, L. Schroeder, F. Smith, K. Warren, R. Wayne, D. Zinner (2019). Hybridization in human evolution: insights from other organisms. Evolutionary Anthropology (DOI: 10.1002/evan.21787)
  • K. Lewton, T. Ritzman, L. Copes, T. Garland, T. Capellini (2019). Exercise-induced loading increases ilium cortical area in a selectively bred inbred mouse model.American Journal of Physical Anthropology 168: 543-551.
  • R. Pickering, A. Herries, J. Woodhead, J. Hellstrom, H. Green, B. Paul, T. Ritzman, D. Strait, B. Schoville, P. Hancox (2019). U-Pb-dated flowstones restrict South African early hominin record to dry climate phases. Nature 565:226-229.
  • C. Terhune, T. Ritzman, C. Robinson (2018). Mandibular ramus shape variation in Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis. Journal of Human Evolution 121:55-71.
  • K. Warren, T. Ritzman, R. Humphreys, C. Percival, B. Hallgrimsson, R. Ackermann. Craniomandibular form and size variation in first generation mouse hybrids: A model for hominin hybridization. Journal of Human Evolution 116: 57-74.
  • Ritzman TB, Banovich N, Buss KP, Guida J, Rubel MA, Pinney J, Khang B, Ravosa MJ, Stone AC (2017). Facing the facts: The Runx2 gene is associated with variation in facial morphology in primates. Journal of Human Evolution 111:139-151.
  • Schoville BS, Wilkins J, Ritzman TB, Oestmo S, Brown K. The performance of heat-treated silcrete backed pieces in actualistic and controlled complex projectile experiments (2017). Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 14:302-317.
  • Ritzman TB, Terhune CE, Robinson C, Gunz P. Mandibular ramus shape of Australopithecus sediba suggests a single variable species (2016). Journal of Human Evolution 100: 54-64.
  • Terhune CE, Robinson C, Ritzman TB. Ontogenetic variation in the mandibular ramus of great apes and humans (2014). Journal of Morphology 275(6):661-677.
  • Smith H, Ritzman TB, Otárola-Castillo E, Terhune C. A 3-D geometric morphometric study of intraspecific variation in the ontogeny of the temporal bone in modern Homo sapiens (2013). Journal of Human Evolution 65(5):479-489.
  • Ritzman TB, Stroik L, Julik E, Hutchins E, Lasku E, DeNardo D, Wilson-Rawls J, Rawls A, Kusumi K, Fisher R. The gross anatomy of the original and regenerated tail in the green anole (A. carolinensis) (2012). The Anatomical Record 295(10):1596-1608.
  • Glantz M, Athreya S, Ritzman TB. Is Central Asia the eastern outpost of the Neandertal range? A reassessment of the Teshik-Tash child (2009). American Journal of Physical Anthropology 138(1):45-61.
  • Ritzman TB, Baker B, Schwartz GT. A fine line: A comparison of methods for estimating ages of linear enamel hypoplasia formation (2008). American Journal of Physical Anthropology 135(3):348-361.
  • Glantz M, Viola B, Wrinn P, Chikisheva T, Derevianko, Krivoshapkin A, Islamov U, Suleimanov R, Ritzman T. New hominid remains from Uzbekistan (2008). Journal of Human Evolution 55(2):223-237.

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1999 BA, Anthropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2005 MA, Anthropology, Colorado State University

2014 PhD, Anthropology, Arizona State University